6 Tips to choose House movers in Toronto


Moving usually stresses people out. It’s a time-consuming and usually expensive affair. So, if you’re hiring the services of residential movers in Toronto, you want to make sure that they are really worth your money. You are, after all, trusting them with the most precious things you own.

Here are 6 tips to help you decide which of the moving services in Toronto you want to go with:

  1. Begin research at the earliest, don’t wait for the last minute

You don’t want to wait till the end when you are forced to pick the moving company in Toronto ON, that’s available rather than one of your choice. So if you can help it, give yourself enough time to compare multiple companies and their estimates, so you can make a wise decision.

  1. References and reviews

Talk to friends and colleagues for references of house movers in Toronto. If they’ve used any of them, make sure you ask for feedback on their services as well. Don’t forget to check online reviews too, especially those on Yelp or Google. Reviews offer a reliable viewpoint of the company’s service levels.

  1. Expert handlers

You wouldn’t want inexperienced people transporting that grand piano, would you? When it comes to specialty items like gym equipment, a burial urn, a pool table or that antique grandfather clock, you’d want to make sure that experts are on the team transporting them. Such information may be listed on the company’s website, but check out customer reviews too.

  1. Round up the estimates

After you’ve shortlisted a few moving services in Toronto, contact them for their estimates. Ideally, they should visit your house and assess all the inventory that needs to be packed and moved before giving you an estimate. Usually, 3 estimates makes for a good comparison, for that final decision.

  1. What all does all-inclusive actually include?

If you’ve found a moving company in Toronto ON that offers all-inclusive services at an hourly rate (many of them do), then you must clarify what all it actually includes. Are packing supplies included? Is there an extra surcharge for upper floors? What about fuel and kilometers covered by the trucks? Discuss everything so that moving day doesn’t see any unexpected costs.

  1. Good Quality at the right price

House movers in Toronto come in all shapes and sizes. You need to find the right one that balances price and quality, and offers maximum value to you. A high estimate doesn’t necessarily mean the quality would be better, and neither does a low estimate speak for poor quality. Evaluate prices, the company’s reputation and what all is included in their services before choosing a moving company in Toronto, ON.


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