Domestic Flooring: What Are My Options?


If you are building your dream home or would like to replace your old floors, there are many flooring materials available today. In order to help you make the right choices regarding domestic flooring, here is a list of commonly used materials.

ü  Hardwood – There’s nothing to beat a hardwood floor and while it certainly isn’t the cheapest solution, a hardwood floor will last for decades. Whether you’re looking for hardwood in Brisbane or Melbourne, a Google search will help you locate a timber flooring specialist and they would be happy to quote for your project. There are many species that offer a range of woodgrain finishes and shades, and by discussing your needs with a local flooring specialist, you can choose something in keeping with your home décor.

ü  Restored Timber – Timber that has been removed from another property can sometimes be planed down and used on a flooring project, and this would be significantly cheaper than a traditional solid timber floor. Not all flooring companies offer this alternative, but engineered flooring is also a great alternative to solid hardwood flooring, which is also affordable.

ü  Engineered Timber – If you love the look of solid timber, why not choose engineered flooring? The outer few millimetres are real timber, with a composite core, and the cost is very reasonable when compared to a hardwood floor, and if you are an eco-friendly type, engineered flooring is ideal.

ü  Luxury Vinyl – The finishes available in vinyl are stunning, with timber, stone and slate designs and while vinyl offers the look and feel of real timber, the cost is very much less and for that reason alone, vinyl is a very popular choice. Vinyl is usually laid in tile format and with cork backing, the flooring has a soft feel underfoot, plus vinyl is extremely hardwearing and durable.

ü  Concrete – Although concrete flooring is not as popular as hardwood, it can bring a touch of elegance to any room and with a range of hand tools, there are many attractive finishes. Colours are not limited, and with the colour oxide premixed, you have an even colour distribution throughout the batch.

ü  Laminate Flooring – Similar to vinyl, laminate flooring is extremely durable and totally waterproof, making it ideal for the kitchen and bathroom. Cost-wise it is on a par with vinyl and also offers a cork backing, for a unique softness underfoot, and the list of finishes would include timber, stone and slate finishes.

If the budget stretches that far, a hardwood floor is an excellent choice, as it offers timeless elegance and will stand the test of time, whereas, if you want a long-lasting and durable floor in the kitchen or bathroom, vinyl is the best solution, as it is completely waterproof.

Sourcing an established flooring company is best achieved with a Google search – unless you happen to know someone who has recently had a new floor installed and are very happy with the outcome – and by choosing a local company, you are also supporting your local community.