Free SERP Checker – Insight Into The Real SEO Process


What exactly is free SERP checker tool? What is SERP essentially an easy to use keyword position checking tool to monitor rankings for numerous keywords on a single domain for free, thus cutting out the charges from Google. You simply need to add the keywords to your domain and begin monitoring. Free services typically provide free checker tools which are quite powerful and have a large variety of features.

There are many free serp checker tools on the internet. However, they generally fall short in one regard – they do not offer integration. As you may well know, SEO or search engine optimization is very complex and requires a large set of skills and knowledge. If you had to learn all these things by trial and error, it s extremely going to be time consuming. The alternative is to use a software product which allows you to simply integrate all the information you require in a single place and let you know immediately whether you have reached the top 10 for that particular keyword.

As an example, let us take a look at what the major features of such a tool would be. We shall assume here that you want to monitor the organic results only and eliminate all the paid listings or paid links on your website. Once you have selected the keywords you want to monitor, just enter them into the text box. If you have done everything correctly, the software will give you a list of keyword rankings which you can view and get in touch with the owners of these sites by clicking on the ‘send email’ button.

Such a SERP rank checker will also offer you a knowledge graph, which shows you the current positions of all the relevant SERPs. The knowledge graph will also show you the changes in rank and traffic over the period of a month. You can directly contact the website owners or hire a separate team of professionals to conduct an actual SERP ranking audit on your site. This would help you understand how your competitors have positioned themselves within a relatively short period of time.

One of the most important things you should remember is that a knowledge graph will not tell you anything about the quality or volume of links pointing at your site. On the other hand, the SERPs ranking algorithm does all this and much more. If you want to know the quality of links pointing at your site and the volume of traffic generated by them, you will need to pay a visit to a special SERP analysis website.

Free SERP checkers are designed to make it easier for the right keywords to get detected even to the point of highlighting the wrong ones. They are also designed to help you know the current ranking of your competitor’s websites. However, you can run a free SERP ranking analysis on your own without any outside help. All you need is access to a web analytics platform, some time to devote to analyzing the data coming in, and the right keywords to use for your optimization campaign. If you do so, you can easily learn what the major search engines know about you and your website, which will help you improve your position in their search engines.