General Tips on What to Wear for Indoor Rock Climbing

Indoor rock climbing is reaching the top of popularity charts as it is one of the exciting physical activities available today. Indoor boulder climbing forms the basic part of natural rock climbing, thus every rock or hill climber new to rock climbing need to practice indoor rock climbing first.

There are classes taken in gyms and clubs for fresh rock climbers. There they are trained to gain strength, and techniques to apply for safe rock climbing. There are even outdoor make-believe rock-climbing spots located near low height cliffs. However, indoor rock climbing is becoming more favourable for enthusiastic climbers for varied reasons.

Why indoor rock climbing is more suitable compared to outdoor rock climbing?

  • It is quite safe for even children to learn climbing. There is soft thick mattress kept on the ground to safeguard you against any fall.
  • Can do rock climbing any hour of the day. In today’s fast-paced life people aren’t able to find time during day hours to do such joyful outdoor activities. While joining indoor rock-climbing club, the best part is that you can enjoy the climb during night hours in your free time.
  • Best place to do rock climbing without thinking about climatic conditions. Outdoor rock climbing isn’t preferable to do while the weather is quite hot or rainy.
  • There are multiple types of rock-climbing. Thus, you can enjoy different level of rock climbing like bouldering, top rope climbing and lead climbing. Thus, every level becomes more challenging for you just like in natural rock-climbing process.

Here are few tips for beginners in indoor rock climbing:

  • Make sure to wear the right kind of shoes.
  • Double check your harness and pad before buying them from a reliable seller.
  • Start from lower level of rock climbing before moving to the next level.
  • Follow the trainer instructions and make sure you understand them perfectly before starting the climb.
  • It will be helpful to do it in team as it will be fun and you won’t feel the climb to be treacherous.

Rock climbers need to have perfect clothing and gear for making the climb easy and safe. You can’t climb with your everyday gym clothes as climbing needs special kind of garments.

Know what to wear while doing indoor climbing:

  • You can wear lose fit dress however it shouldn’t be soggy to hinder your climb. As it may get caught in holds or get stuck in your gear.
  • You can wear hard textured material clothes like khaki shorts or denim pants. You can wear heavy cotton material tops. This kind of dress won’t tear while getting rashly scratched with the hard surface of the wall while climbing.
  • Make sure to wear good climbing shoes. If you have any doubt for initial climbing you can wear rented shoes provided at the gym centers. This gesture will help in knowing the kind of shoes best suitable for you to climb without any mishap.

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