How to deposit money in the online casinos

Aspiring gamblers often have a hard time choosing whether to begin playing in live casinos or online casinos. The games offered are almost similar in both choices however the game play may differ as one has to play live in one and the other has to play behind their screens. You are however free to choose the one that works for you. Online gaming has however been appealing to the masses owing to increasing number of gamblers that prefer to play online. When looking for the best online casino Planet 7 bonus to settle for, the transaction channels matter in influencing your decisions.

Have you shopped online before? gambling online is never that much different as the channels may be the same with only the account numbers varying. Restrictions may only arise resulting from geographical locations and what payment channels are approved there. Here are some of the common casino deposit methods you can expect to find in your ideal online casinos.

Credit card/debit cards

These are the most famous options business and their customers resolve to when transacting online. It has been a life saver for the online business for years now. Numerous credit card options from Visa and Mastercard make it easy as they are accepted by numerous businesses including casinos online. You just have to find the casino website that supports the credit or debit card you own.


E-wallet services have also revolutionized the whole transaction concept over the internet. You can now transfer your money from the bank to secure online stores that allow you to pay for goods and services online. One such common website includes PayPal where users can send and withdraw their money at will. You should be keen at assessing the qualities of a good e-wallet site. Find a site that is secure and has good testimonials to attest to its reputation.

Bank account

Did you know that you can transact directly to and from your bank account to your online casino website? Using services like e-check to deposit your bankroll can ensure you transact safely online. Online banking accounts when linked to your bank can also help you with secure transfers. Your local bank has to authorize these transactions for a smooth online gambling experience.


Many amateur and professional gamblers approach the concept of online transactions carefully. Exposing your personal details including those on your credit or debit card to unsecure websites might cause you to be hacked or suffer from impersonation. Other options that amplify security in transactions is using the prepaid options and even the vouchers. These vouchers and prepaid cards can be purchased from local dealers and then keyed to the online casino to transact. This mitigates need for using risking your money online.

Besides the financial security these mediums have, ensuring your own online activities are secure is key. Accessing your gambling accounts from public Wi-Fi can make you vulnerable to hacks. Consider looking for IP address hiding tricks and VPN masking technology.

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