The best poker game for beginners


After learning the basic poker rules, signed up an account on poker online terpercaya 2020, it means that, you are now ready to play poker. What should be the best game to start your poker journey? It used to be very simple because there were just a few poker games available in the casinos. Casinos were into cash games and few other things.

Nowadays, there are various poker games to pick from that include Hold’em, seven-card stud, Pot-limit Omaha, short deck, razz, and much more. Additionally, multiple forms of formats include cash games, sit and go, tournaments, bounty, jackpots, and much more.

So with a variety of choices, where could be the best place to start playing poker online? The following might the best way to start:

No-limit Hold’em

Despite games such as short deck poker and pot-limit Omaha rising in popularity, the No-limit hold’em still seems to be the best pick for most people playing poker. It could be because it tends to be an easy game to learn and then play and, when not playing, an entertaining one to watch being played.

In the hold’em game, each player begins with two cards and then utilizes the community board to see. If you are a specialist in no-limit hold’em, then you will get a game wherever you are.  But it is not easy for someone who wants to play Badugi or Razz.

But it does not mean that the other poker games don’t have value. Some are even more comfortable than the hold’em but to start poker education, hold’em should be the place to embark on your journey.

There is no danger in going straight to No-limit hold’em. Though there is some volatility when it comes to playing the game, you can start with small stakes so that in case you lose, it does not matter. You will have a lot of fun playing the no-limit than the other poker games.

As far as the formats are concerned, there happen to be two options recommended to new players:

Micro stake cash games

For most people, cash games might be the best option to start on poker games. Going for cash games with small stakes is a way that is inexpensive for players to play several hands without the need to worry that they will be eliminated.

Several online poker sites offer good value for new sign up players as the micro stakes are spread, which happens to be the lowest stakes in poker. It is blinds that go for about $.01. Even if you are unlucky and lose the whole stuck, it will not be a lot of cash.

Micro stake sit and go

Not everyone likes the cash games. Some players don’t like the idea that there is no winner in a cash game. If you are the type of player motivated by having to finish first and want the volatility and excitement of having to play tournaments, then go for sit and go.