What is the difference between American and European roulette?


American and European roulette are similar games with contrasting factors. Roulette has been among the most popular and easiest game to play and win in casino today. Understanding the rules and game play is easier compared to complicated games like black jack or poker. You can however never use the same game play in both American and European roulette today. Understanding the differences between these two types of roulette is key and could affect your chances of winning by far. So how do these two-game mirror each other yet differ by far in terms of gameplay? Read on to find out below what you need to know to differentiate these two games effectively before playing them on true blue online casino.

The roulette tables

By observing the wheels on roulette tables, you can spot the biggest difference between these two games. Regardless whether you are enjoying roulette online or in an actual casino, spotting this difference is easier. Remember these roulette table layouts affect greatly the wheel design and also the house edge.

Roulette wheels

When playing American roulette, you will notice the 38 pockets that a roulette ball could stop at. These are mainly 36 numbers in shades of red or black. You shall also notice some extra pockets on table that are green in color for when a player gets single 0 (0) or may be a double 0 (0). European Roulette goes with 36 pockets numbered respectively. Just like the American roulette, these 36 numbered pockets are either in black or red but lack the two extra green pockets. In European roulette, you can only find a green pocket for when zero is the case.

House edge

Though subtle, house edges can impact majorly on the result of your bets. The payouts in most games increase when odds are low which is not the case when enjoying American roulette. The payment remains the same which is -31 to 1 in European roulette. The extra green pocket you find in American roulette was specifically made to augment the house edge for gamblers. Expect a 2.7% house edge in European roulette and a 5.26% house edge for American roulette. As you can see the game may be the same including the excitement and payouts however vary in such slight aspects that could turn the game outcome.

Which type should you go for?

The slight differences between these two games should matter however the odds need to control any gamblers choice. In this case, that makes European roulette the better option to go with. There is no reason you should enjoy American roulette for that matter however you need to have an effective strategy in place to reduce the house edge in both of these games.

You should also feel free to explore other roulette variants that may exist online or in a casino today. You may find yourself getting better chances of winning and also enjoying something new and refreshing while at it, other types of roulettes include the double ball roulette where players use two balls to game at the same time.

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