What Methods Should Teachers Use to Teach Maths?


Maths is a subject which is exciting and at the same time a little complicated. This subject has various concepts which require concentration and logical abilities to understand. Some topics are easy to understand while some are difficult to get through at once. That’s why teachers should pay attention to such topics, which are not an easy-go for students. By applying a variety of methods, teachers can teach the students easily.

Explain Real-Life Scenarios

Teachers can help students to learn Maths quickly by demonstrating real-life examples. Like in Arithmetic progression, we learn to put the numbers in a sequence. The sequence follows a pattern where the common difference between consecutive terms is a constant value. Take an example of a ladder, which has multiple steps, each step is ahead of another by a constant 1.

Use Pictures and Visuals

Make use of colourful images or sometimes videos to explain mathematical concepts. In geometry, we come across many shapes and sizes such as Triangle, Circle, Square, etc. which can be shown by pictures. Also, for the three-dimensional shapes like cubes, we can calculate the area and volume by visualizing the length, width and height of the shape.

Ask Students To Teach

Let the students of your class, become a teacher for a day. Encourage them to stand in front of the class and teach the topic. Allocate topics which they can easily explain like for primary grades, real numbers, whole numbers, fractions, etc. can be given. This will help students to build their confidence and improve presentation skills.

Reward Students For Great Work

Sometimes, it just requires a small gesture to make students feel good about learning. Teachers can try to take a surprise test and reward students for their performance. It will make them feel special and they will get encouraged to do even better in the next attempt. Also, the other students will work hard to receive those rewards.

The simple operations of arithmetic like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division could be taught easily, but some topics become challenging to teach. Therefore, it is suggested that teachers should use some innovative and creative ways to turn students into Maths lovers.

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