Importance of keeping your dog bowl clean



If you have dogs or other pets in your home, do you clean their bowls or not? When you are getting ready for dinner, do you reach out for a clean plate or do you consider using the dirty one? If you are living with a pet, it means that you love it and you wish to take care of it. If you are feeding your dog from a dirty bowl, you are not taking care of it. A dirty dog bowl simply means that you are exposing the dog to harmful germs and bacteria. If you continue feeding your dog from a dirty bowl from time to time, you will end up jeopardizing the dog’s health. We need to put ourselves in the dog’s shoes. weighted dog bowls that are not clean will not only make your dog lose appetite but also make it sick. Many people think that wiping a dog’s bowl is the best way to clean the bowl but it is not. A dog bowl just like any other household item should be cleaned with clean water and even sterilized if possible.

To avoid your dog getting sick

As mentioned, not cleaning your dog’s bowl regularly can cause your dog to get sick. This is because bacteria and germs clog. According to research, it has been found that dried dog food material and saliva contain bacteria that may end up growing rapidly especially if it is not cleaned properly. To avoid the bacteria and germs build-up, you must consider cleaning your dog bowl after every meal. You should just treat the dog bowl the same way you would treat your plate. Use clean water and a clean dishwasher. If you don’t clean the bowls, your dog will get sick.

Dog bowls are known for being harboring bacteria and germs

According to studies done on dog bowls, it was found that double diner dog bowls are among the most popular places that are filled with germs. This is after dish sponges as well as kitchen sinks. A good example of bacteria that were discovered in dog bowls is called salmonella and E. coli. They are also bacteria that are very commonly found in water bowls. Such bacteria are not so good because they can affect your pet’s health. Apart from just affecting your pet’s health, they can also make human being very sick. To avoid the risk, the best solution is to make sure that your dog’s bowl is washed well after every meal. Washing your pet bowl doesn’t mean that you should just wipe it. Consider washing with running water if possible. Use detergent to make sure that all the bacteria and the germs are dead. Keep your family safe and your pet too by maintaining a high level of cleanliness through the washing of your pet’s dog bowl.